Course Design

I have taught a variety of composition, intensive writing, & literature courses at Indiana University Bloomington and the University of Georgia. Many of the curricular assets from these courses are shared in my OER library.
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Indiana University Bloomington, Department of English

ENG-L206 (Intensive Writing | Intro to Prose): Joan Didion & the Art of Nonfiction

ENG-L204 (Intensive Writing | Intro to Fiction): Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 

ENG-L204 (Intensive Writing | Intro to Fiction): Women Writers & the Art of Love 

ENG-W171 (Projects in Digital Literacy & Composition): Woman, Image, Myth: The Mediated Lives & Afterlives of Marilyn Monroe

ENG-W170 (Projects in Reading & Writing): Woman, Image, Myth: The Lives & Afterlives of Marilyn Monroe

University of Georgia, Department of English

ENGL 8960 (Directed Reading): Assembling Anthologies
(curriculum co-developed & facilitated with Annelise Norman, supervised by Casie LeGette)

ENGL 3300 (Women and Literature): Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers & Madwomen in the Attic 

ENGL 1102 (Writing About Literature): Woman as Art(ist)

ENGL 1102: Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? 

ENGL 1102 (Special Topics): Academic Writing & Research 

ENGL 1102: Greek Mythology & Its Retellings 

ENGL 1102: Fantastical Fairy Tales 

ENGL 1102: Literature & the Trojan War

ENGL 1102: Reading History: British Literature & the French Revolution

ENGL 1101 (First-Year Composition I): The Passion Project