Administrative Highlights

As Associate Director of Undergraduate Teaching, I support graduate student instructors in the IUB English Department. In addition to consulting with instructors on curricular and classroom management matters, much of my time as an administrator is spent planning and facilitating professional development events and developing pedagogy resources. I also serve as one of three course coordinators for two of our department's versions of composition (the inquiry-driven ENG-W170: Projects in Reading & Writing and ENG-W171: Projects in Digital Literacy & Composition), as well as our 200-level intensive-writing courses (including our literature genre courses such as intro to fiction). Approximately 1,500 undergraduate students enroll in these courses each year.

The IUB English Teaching Hub

The Teaching Hub, co-developed with Miranda Rodak, Director of Undergraduate Teaching, is the central platform for all graduate students in the Department of English who teach courses regardless of their degree area or track. Whether MFA or MA/PhD, whether literature or rhetoric, the Hub is the place to start if grads have questions about anything teaching related. 

In addition to providing policy information as well as resources for supporting instructors and their students, the Hub makes transparent all of the moving pieces that shape what and how we teach, from teaching contracts to scheduling processes and beyond. The Hub also serves curious and proactive graduate students looking ahead to future opportunities, including administrative roles, upper-level courses, and teaching awards. It also houses a growing archive of carefully curated pedagogical resources.