Presentations & Workshops

In addition to training and professional development workshops geared toward graduate student instructors that I facilitated as Associate Director of Undergraduate Teaching, I present frequently on teaching and professional development topics outside of my home department, at the university level and beyond. Below, you will find some of my recent teaching-focused workshops and presentations. 

Digital Portfolios: Professional & Pedagogical Strategies

Digital Gardener Initiative, Nov. 2023 & Mar. 2024 (invited)

A crash course on developing portfolio websites, inside and outside of the classroom, co-facilitated with Sarah Fischer.

Making Transfer Visible: TILT, Reflection, & the Digital Skills Crescendo 

Teaching Faculty Symposium IUB,
Oct. 2023

On the value of making regular space for students to reflect on how the digital skills and literacies they develop in my courses will transfer to their own unique academic, personal, and career contexts.

The Digital Skills Crescendo

Digital Gardener Faculty Fellows Kick-Off, IU,
Sept. 2023

As a Mentor Gardener, I present my work, including this curricular asset, to the new cohort of Gardeners (made up of faculty and academic staff across all IU campuses). 

Active Learning in Small- to Medium-Sized Courses

New Faculty Orientation, IUB Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning, IUB, Aug. 2023 (invited)

An introduction to evidence-based practices that promote student engagement for new faculty at IUB, co-facilitated with Sarah Pedzinski.

Hopeful Futures: Reflecting on History in the Writing Classroom 

Conference on College Composition and Communication, Chicago, IL, Feb. 2023

By reflecting on their reading and the ways they come to understand history through engagement with literary texts and the diverse voices who speak through them, students can better understand how their own lives have been shaped by forces of both continuity and change. 

Preparing a Teaching-Focused CV

Teaching Faculty Professional Development Series, Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning, IUB,
Jan. 2023 (invited)

The teaching-focused CV is more than a catalog of achievements and service. It is also a tool for reflecting on your teaching identity and identifying next steps for pedagogical improvement. 

Unsettling Poetry Pedagogy

MLA Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA, Jan. 2023

For this roundtable on the Unsettling Poetry Pedagogy edited collection, I discuss the necessity of teaching students to carefully engage with poems when they appear in novels. 

Facilitating Peer Review

Writing Across the Curriculum Writing Pedagogy Series, University of the District of Columbia,
Nov. 2022

How and why should we communicate the purpose and value of peer review to our students? We discuss strategies for implementing constructive peer review practices that are grounded in compassion.
Co-facilitated with Annelise Norman. 

Charters for Compassionate Peer Engagement

Center for Teaching & Learning Spring Teaching Symposium, UGA, Apr. 2022 (invited)

Co-authoring charters that emphasize the role of listening with students can result in more productive and compassionate peer review practices in the writing classroom.

Picture Books in the First-Year Writing Classroom: Multimodality, Accessibility, Diversity

Conference on College Composition and Communication, virtual, Mar. 2022

While there are a vast array of artifacts and platforms that combine the verbal and visual, I assert that picture books are accessible tools for introducing students to the nuances of multimodality. Additionally, they provide opportunities for incorporating diverse voices in ways that make them ideal candidates for literature-based, first-year writing classrooms.

Reflections on (Teaching) the Revolution in First-Year Writing

Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Ft. Myers, FL, Feb. 2022

Why teach revolutionary discourse in first-year writing?  I experimented with this question in 2021, and my students ended the semester with a better understanding of the kinds of revolutionary rhetoric and imagery that shape our understanding of past, present, and future change and conflict. 

Architects of Meaning: Teaching Strategies for (Re)Constructing Body Paragraphs 

Conference on Pedagogy, Practice and Philosophy, University of Florida Writing Program, Feb. 2022

This presentation showcases one of my strategies for teaching paragraph structures-- a topic I shared over on the NCTE blog.

Listening Well: Peer Review and the Construction of Compassionate Classroom Communities 

South Atlantic Modern Language Association,
Atlanta, GA, Nov. 2021 

In the pandemic era, motivating students to labor and engage with each other’s writing proved challenging when social distancing makes forging relationships with classmates all the more difficult. I centralize peer review strategies I developed that made fostering productive and compassionate classroom communities in asynchronous online environments possible. Building on the scholarship of Krista Ratcliffe, Jacqueline Jones Royster, and Asao Inoue, I consider the ways in which anti-racist peer review practices equip students with the tools to listen deeply, respond compassionately, and engage with peers in a meaningful way.  

Take a Chance on Transparency: Strategies for Designing Equitable Assignments

Center for Teaching and Learning Spring Teaching Symposium, UGA, Feb. 2020

This workshop introduced participants to the how and why of transparent assessments.
Co-facilitated with Annelise Norman.